Central Contra Costa Sanitary District [CCSD]

System: Raw Water- Waste Water

Martinez, CA

Description: The Central Contra Costa Sanitary District [CCCSD] Project Included new construction of an Industrial Water Treatment/Reclamation Plant located in Martinez, CA. For this project we installed fiber optic networking and SCADA network cabling systems. This project included challenges for our team such as Routing fiber optic cabling through existing conduit systems and day to day operation information that effected the flow of 54 million gallons of water to customers in Martinez and the surrounding communities. Our solution to overcome these challenges was achieved by coordination and collaboration with other trades and owner reps, planning for contingency in the case an existing live fiber carrying vital information and controlling water flow to customers during installation. At the completion of the project, despite the challenges, we closed with a satisfied customer, high level of quality control, coordination, zero disruptions to operations and delivery of product to the owner’s customers.
EC: Con J Franke Electric
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