UCSF- Mission Bay Block 23A

System: Healthcare

UCSF Campus Block 23A Neuroscience Bldg. San Francisco, CA

Description: The UCSF- Mission Bay Block 23A Project is a 7 story building located in San Francisco, CA. For this project we provided an installation of Fiber Optics and Large Pair Count Copper for Fire Alarm and Campus networks. This project included challenges for our team such as coordination with UCSF IT network infrastructure, ensuring that the Fire Alarm and Campus Network was cutover and redundant, as well as, working on and around public streets. Our solution to overcome these challenges was achieved by collaborating with the GC, EC, Engineer and UCSF IT to ensure the networks stayed in operation during the rerouting of cabling. At the completion of the project, despite the challenges, we closed with no network outages or interruptions to the business as well as success from all stakeholders.
EC: Red Top Electric, Co.
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